Monday, April 23, 2012

Cherry-Apple Martinis, Pink Cocaine And The Insatiable Thirst For Self Sabotage Through Lusty Whore Mongering And Bestial Political Bafoonery

Coupled with a twang of Southern arrogance gliding out of a sharp, silver tongued -- Bastard -- a North Carolina University education, the degenerate tan and pruned pretty-boy-man-child, slithers by like a randy old musty sloth "ridin' hard and put away wet", out of you know who's lusty legs, all lathered up with a fresh scent of pharmaceutical grade, Peruvian Pink Cocaine ....."I love the smell of cocaine in the morning"! Behind his smarmy chuckle and power-entitled mind-set, there's a cruel and vicious carnivore just below the surface being masked by the charade of Mary Kay cosmetics and a well-practiced swagger fashioned, in of course, Italian suits and finely crafted leather shoes. Here lies one super-deceptive and thieving shit-bag you'll ever want to be associated with. You'll always walk away light in your wallet, confused, bewitched and definitely "Had" in a somber state of loss and regret...which could turn violent, adding just one more "neat" Jack Daniels. That's right, Bubba......John Edwards is no doubt a degenerate swine straight out of George towns casting of hyper-delusional characters with no shame seen, so far. A real, no bullshit, dancing fucking bear we've got here. This next segment is part 2 of the rare interview with once presidential hopeful, John Edwards - slick sloth Jonny Boy Blue.

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