Monday, August 11, 2014

Cavaliers On Wheels: Scorching The Gauntlet On The Isle Of Man

Englishman, John McGuiness, sped away with his 21st win on The Isle of Man, 2014 TT Zero Race category. On the cutting edge of high-speed motorcycle racing, McGuiness is also the first to win the TT Zero Race super-powered by an electric motorcycle, riding at an average speed of 117 mph. As he scorched the countryside with a low roar and a zero emissions exhaust, a huge record setting moment for Mcguiness on the Isle of Mann and quite frankly, a huge win for electric powered motorcycles within the super sport of motorcycle racing.

Super-bikes and riders straddle the edge of death on The Isle of Man. Exhilerating, captivating, adrenalizing, and totally insane.

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